The brighter the better! You can recognize me by my bright red corduroy pants or my Barbie pink lipstick or whatever other extremely bright color I am wearing. I’m Margo Pawell, though technically it’s Margeaux, and I love color almost as much as I love creating. It doesn’t matter what I’m making or what medium I’m using … metal, stone, pixels, yarn, buttons, or even frosting — as long as I’m working with my hands, I’m happy.


Margomade began almost a decade ago solely as a handmade jewelry business. It has since grown to include freelance graphic design and textiles, and will continue to expand to add to all of my interests. In my spare time, I am finishing my BFA in Graphic Design at Chapman University as well as blogging periodically all over the web. At Hoodzaph Design Co., you can read about my thoughts on design. On Bixa Media’s blog, you will find my typography and color palettes. If you’re ever looking for “Something New for Dinner”, you can see my latest recipes and explorations in my kitchen.

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"Working with Margo is always a fantastic experience. She’s a critical thinker, a diligent worker, knows how to embrace a style direction, and truly cares about doing things right."

− Jen Hood, Hoodzpah Design Co.

"Those wedding invitations were truly amazing. I don't usually notice stuff like that, but they are by far the best invitations I've ever seen."

"That logotype is boss."

− Logan Merriam, Flaredown

"This is amazing! Your wonderful aesthetic, skill and sheer talent really made this pattern something my customer will find easy to use and … beautiful."

− Diane Reafsnyder, Blue Dot Patterns